Indian Economy in TNPSC | Five year Plan – 2

Indian Economy in TNPSC | Five year Plan – 2

Now you have made up your mind to clear TNPSC Exams and looking for the books and study materials to achieve your goal. Well, you are on the right page. Now We are Sharing With You, IAS Coaching does not own this book or Video, neither created nor scanned. we just providing the links already available on the Internet. if any way it violates the law or has any issues then kindly contact us. Thank you.


Indian Economy, Nature Of Indian Economy, Five Year Plan Models, An Assessment, Planning Commission And Niti Ayog, Sources Of Revenue, Reserve Bank Of India, Fiscal Policy And Monetary Policy, Finance Commission, Resource Sharing Between Union And State Governments, Goods And Services Tax, Structure Of Indian Economy And Employment Generation, Land Reforms And Agriculture, Application Of Science And Technology In Agriculture, Industrial Growth, Rural Welfare Oriented Programmes, Social Problems, Population, Education, Health, Employment, Poverty.

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